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L'île à L'Eau -île de Batz-



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Context and Inspiration

“To the West” is a work produced in 2021. The painting captures the wild, natural beauty of the seaside of Île de Batz, a small island located off the coast of Brittany in France where I was born. This work is part of the tradition of seascapes, a timeless source of inspiration for many artists.

Visual Description

The painting represents a typical coastal landscape of the island of Batz. The sea and the coast meet in a balanced composition that evokes the tranquility and power of nature. The composition is dominated by a sharp horizon line, dividing the sky and the sea. The natural elements are arranged to guide the viewer's gaze through the scene, creating a feeling of depth and vastness.

The color palette is dominated by ochres and grays, creating a soft and melancholic atmosphere. These earthy, neutral tones accentuate the simplicity and austerity of the maritime landscape, while evoking the changing light and weather conditions of the region. I use the knife painting technique, which gives the work a rich and dynamic texture. The stab wounds are visible, adding a tactile dimension to the painting.

Thematic Analysis

The painting explores themes of solitude, serenity and the raw power of nature. The island of Batz, represented in a soft and diffused light, becomes a symbol of tranquility and escape. The knife technique reinforces the raw and natural character of the scene.

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