One autumn day

Title : An Autumn Day
Artist : Marie-Pascale LE GOFF
Creation date : 2019
Dimensions : 55 x 38 cm
Medium and materials : Oil on canvas, painted with a knife and brush

Context and Inspiration

“An Autumn Day” is a work produced in 2019. Inspired by the coastal landscapes of the island of Batz, this canvas captures the gentle autumnal atmosphere of the island's shores. I use knife and brush techniques to evoke the subtle nuances and textures of the sea and rocks in this season.

Visual Description

The painting presents a peaceful scene of the seaside of the island of Batz in autumn. The dominant colors are warm tones of brown, ocher and gray, creating a soft and serene atmosphere. The sky and sea blend together harmoniously, with delicate touches of light and shadow. The rocks, painted with knife techniques, add texture and relief to the composition.

Painting Techniques and Materials

J4 uses oil applied with a knife and brush to create effects of texture and movement. This combination of techniques makes it possible to capture the richness of the seascapes and the particular atmosphere of autumn on the island of Batz.

Thematic Analysis

“An Autumn Day” explores themes of nature, seasonality and tranquility. The work reflects the simple and timeless beauty of coastal landscapes, inviting the viewer into calming and introspective contemplation.