Title: Anchorages

Artist: Mari-Pascale Le Goff

Year of creation: 2024

Dimensions: 40X50 cm

Medium and materials: oil with knife on canvas

Mouillages is a work produced in oil on a 40 x 50 cm canvas, painted with a knife in 2024. This creation transports you to the heart of the channel of the island of Batz, bathed in a soft and enveloping light. I chose soothing tones that evoke a serene tranquility, where the boats, motionless, float peacefully on calm waters, reflecting the misty sky.

The knife technique gives the canvas a rich and dynamic texture. The precise and fluid knife strokes sculpt the landscape, bringing to life the light waves and the silhouettes of the boats. The subtle contrast between shades of gray, pale blue and touches of white creates a visual harmony that captures the very essence of maritime calm and serenity.

Each element of the composition is an invitation to contemplation. The sky, stretching to infinity, seems to merge with the sea, while the distant horizon whispers promises of travel and discoveries. The sparkling reflections on the water add a poetic dimension, echoing the tranquility of the place.

Mouillages is much more than just a landscape; it is a visual symphony where every detail, every nuance, tells a story of inner peace and natural beauty. I tried to capture the soul of the island of Batz, offering viewers a window open to a world of silence and light.