Title: Bamboos
Artist: Marie-Pascale Le Goff
Year: 2024
Dimensions: 40x50 cm
Technique: Oil with knife

Description of the work:

The painting "Bamboos" is an oil on canvas produced in 2024. This work measuring 40x50 cm captures the serenity and natural beauty of a bamboo forest. I used the knife painting technique, which brings a rich and dynamic texture to the surface of the canvas. The knife strokes are vigorous and precise, creating a play of light and shadow that brings the bamboos to life and reinforces the impression of depth and movement.

Artistic analysis:

The choice of colors, mainly shades of green, white and touches of yellow, evoke the freshness and vitality of the vegetation. The contrast between light and dark shades highlights the bamboo stems and their leaves, while the use of the knife adds a tactile dimension to the work. This technique also makes it possible to capture the reflections of light on the stems, giving an impression of realism and immersion in nature.

Inspiration and context:

I was inspired by the lush nature of the island of Bata to create this painting. The work reflects my interest in natural landscapes. Choosing bamboo as a subject can symbolize flexibility, resilience and tranquility, qualities often associated with this plant in various cultures.