Whirlwind III

Title of the work : Tourbillon III

Artist : Marie-Pascale Le Goff

Creation date : 2024

Dimensions : 61 x 50 cm

Medium and materials : Oil on canvas

Detailed description : The work “Tourbillon III” is a vibrant representation of a tree in full explosion of colors. The dimensions of this canvas are 61 x 50 cm, a format which allows me to deploy all the richness of my palette and my technique. Painted in oil, this piece stands out with its bright and dynamic shades, creating a swirl of colors that capture attention and imagination.

The branches of the tree extend fluidly and energetically, as if driven by an invisible centrifugal force. The leaves, represented by dots of varying colors, appear to float and swirl around the tree, symbolizing vitality and renewal. The background fades from vibrant red to shades of the rainbow, adding additional depth and dynamism to the composition.

I use a knife painting technique, giving the canvas rich textures and expressive movement. This method creates marked contrasts and gives an impression of constant movement, reinforcing the idea of ​​a perpetual whirlwind.

“Tourbillon III” invites the viewer to dive into a dreamlike and colorful world, where the energy of nature is captured in a moment of pure abstraction.