Artist : Marie-Pascale LE GOFF
Originating and residing : Île de Batz
Creation date : 2024
Dimensions : 50 x 50 cm
Medium and materials : Oil on canvas

Context and Inspiration

Created in 2024, this painting captures the energy and dynamism of a sailboat race. Inspired by my proximity to the sea and local nautical activities, this work reflects the spirit of competition and the beauty of regattas.

Visual Description

The painting represents a sailboat race, rendered with a graphic and abstract touch. The composition highlights the movement and interaction of sailboats on the water, creating a dynamic and captivating scene.

The color palette is dominated by white, Payne's gray and touches of gold. The white and gray of Payne bring an elegant and sober atmosphere, while the gold adds a luminous and precious dimension to the whole. These colors combine to evoke light shimmering on water and sails.

I use the knife painting technique, which gives the work a rich and expressive texture. The stabs bring a sense of movement and liveliness, capturing the essence of regattas and the fluidity of sailboats on the water.

Thematic Analysis

The painting explores themes of competition, speed and mastery of the natural elements. The sailboat race here becomes a metaphor for the human struggle against the forces of nature and the expression of the dynamic beauty of the sea. The graphic and abstract style of the work underlines the personal interpretation of the artist and his unique vision of this nautical scene.