Title : Regattas
Artist : Marie-Pascale LE GOFF
Creation date : 2022
Dimensions : 29X29X3.5 cm
Medium and materials : Oil on canvas painted with a knife

Context and Inspiration

“Regattas” is a work created in 2022. Inspired by the dynamics and energy of sailboat races, this painting captures a regatta moment with intensity and visual force. I use color contrasts and textural techniques to evoke movement and competition at sea.

Visual Description

The painting shows three sailboats in full regatta, with brightly colored sails: yellow, blue and orange. The sailboats are tilted by the wind, suggesting speed and effort. The background is a tormented sky in shades of gray, adding a dramatic and intense atmosphere to the scene. The reflections of the sailboats on the calm water reinforce the effect of movement and energy.

Painting Techniques and Materials

I use the knife painting technique to apply oil to the canvas, creating rich and dynamic textures. The visible stab wounds add depth and vibrancy, accentuating the movement of the sailboats and the effect of the water and wind.

Thematic Analysis

“Regattas” explores themes of competition, movement and the beauty of sailing. The racing sailboats symbolize human effort in the face of natural elements, while the dramatic sky and reflections on the water add an emotional and aesthetic dimension to the work.