Title: Thunderstorm

Artist: Marie-Pascale Le Goff

Year of creation: 2017

Medium and materials: acrylic on canvas with a knife

Dimensions: 35X27 cm

“Orage” is an acrylic on canvas measuring 35x27 cm. This work captures the precise moment before the arrival of a storm, where calm still reigns, but where the colors and atmosphere announce the imminence of the storm. The soft hues, with subtle shades of gray and peach, envelop the scene in apparent tranquility. In the center of the canvas, three small sailboats float serenely on a calm sea, their sails raised, ready to face the elements. The knife technique adds texture and depth to the painting, making each brushstroke distinct and vibrant. The painting expresses a palpable tension between present peace and the chaos to come, a meditation on nature's unpredictable and powerful nature.