The blue sailboats

Title: The blue sailboats

Artist: Marie-Pascale Le Goff

Year of creation: 2024

Dimensions: 40X50 cm

Medium and materials: Oil with knife on canvas

“Les Voiliers Bleus” is a work created in 2024. Painted in oil with a knife on a canvas measuring 40x50 cm, this painting presents a series of sailboats aligned on a calm sea. The white sails of the boats reflect vibrant shades of blue under a starry night sky, creating a serene and mystical atmosphere.

The knife technique used adds a vibrant and dynamic texture to the entire painting. Each stroke of the knife contributes to the depth and movement of the work, bringing out the light and reflections on the water. The sailboats almost appear to float on the surface of the sea, while the stars gently twinkle in the night sky.