The three buoys

Title : The 3 buoys
Artist : Marie-Pascale LE GOFF
Creation date : 2023
Dimensions : 50 x 50 cm
Medium and materials : Oil on 3D square canvas

Context and Inspiration

“The 3 Buoys” is a work produced in 2023. Inspired by seascapes and natural elements, this painting captures an intriguing and mysterious scene, where colorful mooring buoys are stranded on the sand of a rocky tidal shore low, under a stormy sky.

Visual Description

The painting presents a tempestuous and stormy atmosphere, with a tormented sky in shades of gray, blue and white, creating a swirling and dramatic atmosphere. In the foreground, three brightly colored mooring buoys contrast with the sand and rocks of the shore. The stranded buoys suggest a question: did the sailors go to sea, leaving these colorful witnesses to their absence?

Painting Techniques and Materials

I use oil on 3D square canvas, applying paint with a knife to create a rich and expressive texture. The bright colors of the buoys stand out strongly against the tormented background, adding depth and contrast to the work.

Thematic Analysis

“The 3 Buoys” explores themes of mystery, solitude and the power of natural elements. The stormy skies and stranded buoys evoke a scene of calm before or after the storm, inviting you to imagine the stories of the sailors and ships associated with these buoys.