Ilôt Kernoc

Title : Kernoc Island
Artist : Marie-Pascale LE GOFF
Creation date : 2017
Dimensions : 30 x 40 cm
Medium and materials : Watercolor on canvas

Context and Inspiration

“Ilot Kernoc, île de Batz” is a watercolor created in 2017. This work represents an emblematic landscape of the île de Batz, highlighting the Kernoc islet with its famous “sugar loaf”. This painting is an ode to the natural and tranquil beauty of the island, a place dear to my heart.

Visual Description

The painting features a sunset scene, bathed in ocher and sepia tones. The Kernoc islet, in the center of the composition, is surrounded by calm, reflective water. Three small boats float peacefully in the foreground, adding a touch of life to this serene scene. In the background, silhouettes of trees and land accentuate the depth of the landscape.

Painting Techniques and Materials

I use watercolor on canvas to capture the subtle nuances and softness of evening light. The watercolor technique allows you to create fluid transitions between different shades, giving a soothing and harmonious atmosphere.

Thematic Analysis

“Ilot Kernoc, île de Batz” explores themes of nature, tranquility and nostalgia. The work evokes a deep connection with the artist's native land, highlighting the peaceful and timeless beauty of the island of Batz. The choice of warm colors and earthy tones adds a dimension of warmth and comfort to the scene.