Title : Groves
Artist : Marie-Pascale LE GOFF
Creation date : 2023
Dimensions : 40 x 50 cm
Medium and materials : Oil painting with a knife on canvas

Context and Inspiration

“Bosquets” is a work produced in 2023. This painting explores the beauty and tranquility of nature, capturing the serene scene of three groups of trees reflected in a calm body of water. I am inspired by the simplicity and elegance of natural landscapes to create a calming and contemplative composition.

Visual Description

The painting features three groups of trees, painted Payne's gray, reflected in a smooth-surfaced body of water. Reflections in the water are rendered with ocher, burnt sienna, and Payne's gray colors, adding depth and richness to the image. Some aquatic vegetation floats on the water, adding a touch of realism to the scene. The background is white, which highlights the white body of water and the reflections of the trees.

Painting Techniques and Materials

I use the knife painting technique to apply oil to the canvas, giving the work a rich and expressive texture. Visible stab strokes add dynamics and liveliness, accentuating the details of the trees and reflections.

Thematic Analysis

“Groves” explores themes of tranquility, reflection and natural beauty. Trees and their reflections symbolize the symmetry and harmony of nature. The simple but evocative composition invites you to contemplate the serenity and simplicity of the natural landscapes.