Graphic abstract

Title: Graphic abstract

Artist: Marie-Pascale Le Goff

Creation date: 2020

Dimensions: 40X40X3.5 cm

Medium and materials: Acrylic on canvas

“Graphic Abstract” is a work produced in 2020. This 40 x 40 cm canvas is painted with acrylic using a knife, a technique which allows you to obtain rich textures and marked relief effects. The composition of the work is decidedly modern and dynamic, with a juxtaposition of geometric shapes and bold lines. The main colors used are red, black, white and gray, creating a striking contrast and intriguing visual depth. The circles and dots add a playful dimension and punctuate the composition, while the lines and hatching bring structure and organization to the whole. The work is distinguished by its balance between abstraction and structure, inviting the viewer to freely interpret shapes and patterns.