Pourquoi je préfère l'huile à l'acrylique?

Why do I prefer oil to acrylic?

“When oil stole my heart: the confession of an artist”

Today, I invite you to dive with me into a colorful story, that of my passionate transition from acrylic painting to oil painting. Hang in there, it's an artistic adventure full of twists and turns!

It all started a few years ago, when I was a young artist full of energy and armed with acrylic tubes. Ah, acrylic! This faithful companion that dried at lightning speed, perfect for the impatient person that I was. We formed an explosive duo, splashing bright colors on every canvas in our path. But, as in every great story, an unexpected element would change everything.

One fine day, while I was wandering the aisles of an art market looking for new inspiration, my eye was caught by a stand that shone with a particular brilliance. There, among the brushes and easels, stood a tube of oil paint, almost too modest. I observed him with curiosity tinged with suspicion. Oil was for the old masters, right? For these Renaissance artists whose works seemed inaccessible.

But this little tube seemed to whisper in my ear: “Try me, you won’t be disappointed.” I gave in to temptation and took this treasure home. From the first brushstrokes, I understood that something magical was happening. The colors blended with a richness and depth I had never experienced. Time seemed to stretch, allowing me to work on every detail, to touch up, to improve. It was as if the painting itself was whispering to me, “Take your time, explore me, I’m here for you.”

It was true artistic love at first sight. The texture, the transparency, the possibility of returning to my knife and brush strokes days, even weeks later... The oil offered a flexibility and a richness that made acrylic seem like a youthful flirtation. I was won over.

Since then, my workshop "L'île à L'eau", located at the foot of the semaphore on the island of Batz, resonates with the murmurs of oil and laughter of satisfaction. Each painting tells a new story, each work is an ode to this passionate discovery. And if this adventure has intrigued you, I invite you to come and discover my creations in my online store or, better yet, to come and visit my workshop. Come see how oil and I transform each canvas into a living and vibrant story.

So, are you ready to dive into this world where oil is king? I look forward to sharing this passion with you and, who knows, perhaps passing on this creative virus to you.

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